Five Fetishes that are Actually Totally Normal

Posted on: Jul 18, 2016. | By: Brian

These days a lot of fetishes are seen as wrong, or taboo, but the truth is they're everywhere, and they're actually perfectly normal. People get aroused by a lot of different things, and each one of them is actually a pretty standard fetish, shared by a lot of people. Everyone has sex, it's an important aspect to a healthy relationship, and everyone has his or her own preferences, incorporating your fetishes into role-plays can really benefit a relationship, but many are too anxious to approach the subject for fear of being judged.

We've decided it's time to open up about fetishes and talk about the things that turn us on.

1. Dom/Sub

Ever since 50 Shades of Grey dropped, people have been much more open about their fetish for being dominant or submissive, and many more are trying it out as something new to try. This is probably one of the most common fetishes out there and it stems from the sense of power that you feel when you're in control of your partner's pleasure.

2. Boobs and Bums


This fetish is everywhere, so some don't really even count it as a fetish anymore because every man is put into the category of вЂboob man' or вЂbum man', although there are the rare few who are both. Men are programmed to be more attracted to a woman who looks fertile, and this is normally represented in a woman who has larger boobs and/or breasts.

3. Pigtails

pigtails womanThis is also quite a popular fetish, synonymous with representing a younger woman. As long as she's not actually a schoolgirl, it can be fun to dress up and have a roleplay pretending that she's not been doing her schoolwork. However hair is something which men find sexual for many different reasons. Some men like blondes, some like redheads or brunettes. Everyone likes their own particular preference, and maybe giving it a little tug during sex.

4. Feet

Feet are probably one of the more taboo fetishes. Most people find feet actually pretty gross. They get sweaty, smelly, and generally just aren't attractive, but then again there are some who find them highly arousing. It was found that most people with a foot fetish are actually men, who find each part of the foot attractive and highly sexually stimulating, and this is actually totally normal, and quite common.

5. Voyeurism

The act of watching other people have sex, or looking at other people naked is a really common fetish, and is pretty much the premise of pornography sites. The fetish is based on observing other people and receiving arousal from it, and is one of the most common fetishes out there.

So if you're concerned about what gets you going, or if people will think you are weird, don't. These fetishes are absolutely normal and very common, and many practice them as a part of a healthy sexual relationship. As long as it's consensual and both partners are totally into it, your relationship could potentially benefit from trying new fetish role-plays in the bedroom and, who knows, you might enjoy them. So don't worry about your fetishes, enjoy them, and keep enjoying sex.

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